Globalization Design Institute LLC provides services related to language, translation, and software globalization.

The company was founded in 2016 and is currently based in Tokyo, Japan.


  • Email: contact@globalization.co.jp

Representative partner

Ryutaro Nishino is a writer, translator, and consultant with more than 15 years of experience in the localization industry. He is also a Director of Japan Translation Federation (JTF).

  • Book (Japanese):
    • Software Globalization Nyumon (Introduction to Software Globalization). Tatsujin-shuppankai/Impress, 2017.
    • Eigo gogen ga majyutsu ni kawaru sekai deha (In the World where Etymology is Magic). Globalization Design Institute, 2017.
    • IT engineer no tame no eigo reading (English reading for IT Engineers). Syoeisha, 2017.
    • Application wo tsukuru eigo (English for app development). Tatsujin-shuppankai/Impress, 2012.
  • Magazine article (English): Learning localization in context. Multilingual, December 2013.
  • Master of Technology in Information Systems, Advanced Institute of Industrial Technology
  • Completed doctoral research units at Tokyo Institute of Technology